Ronnie Aldrich - This Way "In"
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London Records SP 44116

This Guy's In Love With You
MacArthur Park
Blowin' in the Wind
Do It Again

Mrs. Robinson
By the time I get to Phoenix
Mas Que Nada
Theme from "The Fox"
A Man Without Love
Something Here in My Heart

What is "IN"?

Actually, "In" has many connotations: The latest fad, the chicest of the chic, etc.

In the case of Ronnie Aldrich, his latest and greatest phase 4 stereo release, "In"
means a great deal more.

Together, Ronnie and The London Festival Orchestra have brought to you via the
finest stereo sound ever produced (very "In"), twelve of the hottest of today's songs
(absolutely "In"), plus, perhaps, the quintessence of "In",... good taste.

For thos of you who know Ronnie's music, we again offer to you his "specialness"
on twelve very special songs.

For those of you who are being introduced to Ronnie and his magic way of taking
any song and turning it into sheer beauty, we know that you will become lifelong
friends... and true friendship is where "In" begins.

...Roberta Longhi

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