Arthur Murray with Big Dave and His Orchestra - Rock 'N' Roll
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Capitol Records T 640

Let's Bop
Night Train
Shake, Rattle, and Roll
Gibraltar Rock
Ko Ko Mo
John the Rogue

Everybody's Wailin'
One Mint Julep
Smilin' Al
Tweedlee Dee
That's the Beat
Hearts of Stone

Since the very beginnings of jazz, each generation of youngsters has had its own
dance interpretation of jazz music, like "Ballin' the Jack," the "Cakewalk," the
"Charleston," the "Jitterbug." Currently the teen-age element has enthusiastically
adopted a brand new variation known as "Rock 'n' Roll." And though initiated by
teen-agers, its engaging beat has an appeal for dancers of all ages. It can perhaps
best be described as a composite of the "Charleston" and "Jitterbug," with rocking
and rolling motions substituted for the more frantic kicks and gyrations of its
predecessors. Thus "Rock 'n' Roll" has developed into a relaxed dance, performed
at a medium-fast tempo.

Since it has sprung naturally and spontaneously from the music of the day, "Rock 'n'
Roll" is best danced to the music which inspired it. Arthur Murray, the world's
foremost dance authority, carefully chose the musical selections for this album and
recommends them as especially suited to this popular dance.

Wherever the younger set is dancing it, there's bound to be the music of "Big Dave"
Cavanaugh and his orchestra. Right from the beginnings of the new dance, "Big
Dave" has been identified as a leading exponent of its music. His previous recordings
are perpetual favorites at "Rock 'n' Roll" parties all over the country. Singing with his
orchestra here are the Nuggets, whose performances have a solid, bed-rock rhythm.

Each of the selections in this album has that driving beat which is an absolute "must"
for the dancers of "Rock 'n' Roll." Presented here is the surging rhythm section with
its accented after-beat, the impetuous solos and enthusiastic "riffs"... all prime
requisites of the best "Rock 'n' Roll" music. As any teen-ager would be quick to insist,
"It's gotta have that beat." And this music has it!