Si Zentner - The Swingin' Eye
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Liberty Records LST 7166

Lonesome Road
Little Jazz
Throwin' Stones at the Sun
The Swingin' Eye
There's No You

Melancholy Serenade
Yes! We Have No Bananas
Armen's Theme
Way In
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
Never Like This

These days, no self-respecting private detective would even consider venturing
onto a television screen without a swinging, jazz-type musical background. He would
undoubtedly be branded as an out-and-out "square!' He just don't mean a thing if he
ain't got that swing! The "Swingin' Eye" (usually private) is definitely in vogue.

This album, however, was NOT designed as a background to mayhem, arson, illegal
narcotics traffic or other chicanery. The title is pure whimsy and serves to point up
the fact that great, swinging music can exist without the aid of gumshoes (public or
private), wisecracking shameses or gorgeous "assistants"

Although lacking these accoutrements, this. album definitely swings! Each selection
is a fine example of a great, rocking big band approach. The beat never lets up from
the opening phrase of Lonesome Road to the last swinging notes of Never Like This.

Si Zentner, long regarded as one of the country's leading trombonists, entered the
limelight as the leader of a big band with his first Liberty album, "A Thinking Man's
Band." The success of this album and the following one, "Suddenly It's Swing," has
established the Si Zentner Orchestra as a top band, dedicated to good, swinging
music, well played.

A graduate of such great swing aggregations as Les Brown, Harry James and the
late Jimmy Dorsey, Si eventually settled in Los Angeles. There his activities were
primarily as a trombonist in motion pictures and literally thousands of recordings,
until the recent formation of his own band.

So Si Zentner adds another great album to his growing list of musical
accomplishments. As previously mentioned, this album has nothing to do with
private detectives. If, however, some hip private dick should be hired to solve the
robbery of a fruit stand, he will no doubt find that Yes! We Have No Bananas would
provide him with a most suitable background.

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