Sites that I recommend you visit:

King Kini's Club Velvet
Not only is the site itself great to look at, but it features a fantastic album cover
section and impressive Les Baxter museum.  Visit the Cocktail Nation page for
dozens of links to related sites. 

Show and Tell
A showcase of thrift store record finds with a great selection of odd, funny and
sometimes scary album cover images.  Most images include commentary by the site

The Space Age Pop Standards Page

Look up your favorite arrangers, composers or performers and read summaries of
their careers.  Extremely useful and interesting.

Cool and Strange Music! Magazine
Billed as "America's Wackiest Music Magazine," this cleverly written and designed
publication is filled with information about pop music's (mostly) unsung heroes and
their craft.  Extensive CD reviews, full color album cover spreads and excellent
feature articles make it appealing to any fan of unusual music. 

Friendly Persuasion
Cool and Strange Music Magazine's Friendly Persuasion online radio. Music to "stimulate and invigorate," carefully chosen by Mr. Otis F. Odder.
Also be sure to visit the tasty Scrumpdillyishus Land and the rest of The Interstellar Cafe.

The Retro Cocktail Hour
Enjoy the lush sound of Space Age Pop with this weekly show originating from KANU
radio.  Thrill to colorful album cover images while listening to current or past programs
through the magic of streaming Real Audio.
SwankRadio features a streaming webcast of music recorded directly from the
original records; no CDs here!  Throw in a bunch of high resolution album cover
scans, cocktail recipes and helpful party tips and you've got a pretty swank site.

Exotica Mailing List
If it has anything to do with exotica, easy listening, lounge or otherwise unusual music
you'll find it being discussed here. 

The Vinyl Tourist
Guides to record stores around the world as well as a comprehensive discography
and biography
of "The Mambo King" Perez Prado.

The official Les Baxter website, this is a superb and fitting tribute to the undisputed
master of exotica.

Smooth... and fashionable! Named after a Mayan king, this is a fun and beautifully arranged amalgam of early '70s advertising imagery.

Musical Taste
A place for anyone to write reviews of their favorite songs and read reviews by others. Search for old LPs, listen to sound samples, compare notes with other fans, expand your musical knowledge.

PopCult Magazine
"...a repository for really good, journalistic pop culture writing.
" And a fantastic site too.
Tons of great articles and album reviews for vinyl lovers of all sorts.
"A site for those of us who measure space and time by vinyl."